Away in a Manger

There is a sense of peace and holiness as we spend our Christmas in the barn. We can’t help but think about the miracle that happened all those years ago in a stable in Bethlehem. This Christmas, our cows will be warm and happy in the barn, listening to Christmas Carols and maybe enjoying a little treat. For them it may be just another day, but from the entire Shetler Family, we wish you a most blessed Christmas.

Moo for the holidays

So if the shoemaker’s children always go barefoot, does that mean dairy farmers drink water? Not at Shetler Family Dairy. Everyone in the family enjoys fresh milk from the cows. In fact, a favorite family recipe couldn’t be made without it. Called “Thanksgiving Milk” or “Holiday Milk”, this drink is a must have over the holidays. Try it with your family this festive season.

Shetler Egg Nog Punch

Mix equal parts of Shetler Egg Nog, Shetler Vanilla Premium Custard Ice Cream and Michigan-made Vernors (or half as much Wild Bills Ginger Soda). Serve as is or add a dash of rum for the older crowd.

Drink a toast to the wonderful ladies who make this all possible – moo!

Photo: Crushed Ice + Egg Nog = EGG NOG DELICIOUS!! What else could be added but, maybe Egg Nog Ice Cream for topping...hmmmm..hmmmm. :D