Do we sell raw milk?
No, Michigan State Law prohibits the sale of raw milk. Even though we realize the health benefits of raw milk, we cannot offer it for sale. If the law ever changes, we will offer raw milk on the day that change takes effect.

Do we offer cow share agreements?
No. Even though cow shares are not illegal, the Michigan Department of Agriculture discourages such operations. The farmers that do offer cow shares do not have state licensed milk bottling plants on their farms. If we were to offer such a program, we would not have a licensed milk plant for very long, as MDA inspects and licenses us.

How much does a cow milk every day?
On average our cows milk 5.55 gallons of milk per day. We do have a few cows that milk between 8 – 9 gallons each day.

Do we use antibiotics on our cows?
NO! We do not use antibiotics of any kind. If a cow gets sick, we give her vitamins and mineral supplements and nurse her back to health.

Do we use any Bovine Growth Hormones (rBST) to make our cows milk more?
NO! We do not use rBST or any other kind of hormones on our cows. We believe that whatever you feed or inject into a cow will effect the quality and taste of her milk. Not to mention that you, the consumer, would be drinking trace elements of those hormones.

Do we offer home delivery?
Unfortunately we do not. Home delivery is something that we did originally want to do when we started bottling, but we never had the time or man power to get a route started. Now all of our milk is being delivered to local stores and we don’t have any plans, at the moment, to start a home delivery route. But who knows what the future holds…

Are we Certified Organic?
No, we are not. We don’t use pesticides or herbicides on our fields, we don’t use hormones or antibiotics on our cows, and the cows are pasture fed as long as there is grass in the fields. Only the paperwork keeps us from being certified. We have opted to not become Certified Organic because if we did, we would have to raise milk prices in order to compete in the organic market and to cover the government fees that come with being certified. If you have any questions about our farming practices; please don’t hesitate to ask.

What does a cows’ diet consist of?
During the summer months (roughly May through September), the cows are mainly pasture feed on the grass at our farm; which is free of any type of herbicides or pesticides. The only fertilizer that is spread on our land is composted manure. The cows also get a few pounds of grain each day and corn silage from corn we grow on the farm.

During the winter months, the cows are mainly fed “dry” baled hay and “wet” haylige; both are harvested from our herbicide and pesticide free fields. The cows also get a few pounds of grain each day and corn silage from corn we grow on the farm.

If you are interested in 100% Grassfed, please read this article for some thoughtful reasons we use some grain for our cows: http://onpasture.com/2014/11/17/dairy-farming-without-grain/

Do we make and/or sell Butter?
Yes! Our supply fluctuates based on cream available, but you can find it at our Farm Store and at stores throughout northern Michigan.

When is our next Open Barn?
September 10, 2016

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to Ask The Milkman:  kaleb@shetlermilk.com