On Dasher on Dancer, on egg nog and ice cream!

Oops – sorry, we’re a little distracted these days. Our new holiday products are on our minds (and our tables). Find our delicious creamy all-natural Egg Nog in stores now. We also have Egg Nog premium custard ice cream and Candy Cane premium custard ice cream for a limited time. Both are so good you’ll be headed back to the store for more!

One thought on “On Dasher on Dancer, on egg nog and ice cream!

  1. i must just say, my family <3's you guys 🙂 we moved to the area (fife lake) last year and after changing our diet quite considerably, we were so happy to find you. now, we'll only be shetlers drinkers, there's no going back (especially once raw milk is legal to be sold at least on farms! 😉 i'm hoping we'll see that someday soon lol)!

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